On my Heart

On my heart today… My friend going through Breast Cancer. The first step is over. 3 weeks ago she had her surgery and all went well. 2weeks ago she attended church with me and asked the Lord to be her Savior. HIP HIP HOORAY…rejoicing with the Angels!!! My daughter made her a bracelet to remind…

PhotoQuote # 72

All around us are the amazing works that God has created. He is the ultimate artist. A simple vine plant which has leaves that are heart shaped called the viewer saying for the heart of the Father : I LOVE YOU! STARLA Linking with:

Let it flow

On my heart… God gave us people to help us bare the load of this world through laughter and joy, through kindness and giving, through expressions of love and serving each other.  When acted on….simply beautiful! Sadly we hold back. Sometimes the thought of not wanting to overstep in a situation.. causes us to stop….

Where’s your trust?

BAD STUFF HAPPENS! It just does.. we live in a world that is bent of godlessness. Pastor spoke about how: Romans 8:28 God works together all things for those who love Him. Do you love Him? He challenged us, saying God is Sovereign and what He will He will do. Do you trust that you…

See His Love

  1 John 4:19  We love because he first loved us. My thoughts today have turned a bit sober. Why is it that bad things happen?? Disasters, Sickness, Death, Hatred… Somehow it is all so removed from us until it comes knocking. Pounding in memories Flooding houses A friends call of not so good news…