On my Heart

On my heart today…

My friend going through Breast Cancer.

The first step is over. 3 weeks ago she had her surgery and all went well.

2weeks ago she attended church with me and asked the Lord to be her Savior.

HIP HIP HOORAY…rejoicing with the Angels!!!

My daughter made her a bracelet to remind her of a few things.


1. HEART – YOU are always LOVED

2. BREAST CANCER RIBBON – What you have been through and are gaining the victory over.

3. ANGEL WINGS – The Angels of God are holding you.


Yesterday  she began step 2 – Chemo. Just an appointment …but the mind has to prepare and understand what you are going through.

Please Pray that her body responds well to treatment.



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  1. Oh Starla, I am rejoicing with yo that your friend gave her heart to Jesus and also burdened with you for her cancer. I am praying as I write this that She sill find healing and comfort in Jesus and that God will show you how he can use you best in her life right now


  2. Amy says:



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