Yesterday Pastor asked this:

Ever get annoyed?


Reacting to annoyance doesn’t always work out.

Sometimes we just quit going to where the annoyance is.

Sometimes we get really impatient and do the wrong thing.

Sometimes we react harshly with our word and can get into trouble.

This is what happened to Paul in Acts

Acts 16:16-24
Paul and Silas in Prison

16 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were

met by a female slave who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling. 17 She

followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.” 18 She kept this up

for many days. Finally Paul became so annoyed that he turned around and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” At that moment the spirit left her.

19 When her owners realized that their hope of

making money was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities. 20 They brought them before the

magistrates and said, “These men are Jews, and are throwing our city into an uproar 21 by advocating

customs unlawful for us Romans to accept or practice.” 22 The crowd joined in the attack against

Paul and Silas, and the magistrates ordered them to be stripped and beaten with rods. 23 After they had

been severely flogged, they were thrown into prison,

and the jailer was commanded to guard them carefully. 24 When he received these orders, he put

them in the inner cell and fastened their feet in the stocks.

Now you would think that casting this demon out would be the right thing…but it ended in jail. So I was think perhaps the problem was not what he did but with in what attitude he did it in.

Things do not go well when I am annoyed and react out of that annoyance. I usually end up with an argument on my hands or I have to eat crow and apologize for my behavior.

So this week if you find yourself getting annoyed :



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  2. starla says:

    Absolutely and good point!! THank you for stoppin! :0)


  3. This is so true! You can do the right thing with the wrong attitude, and it does land you in jail (of sorts). Great word in due season!


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