Psalm 142 caves, refuge, help


Psalm 142: 5 I cried out to You, O Lord:
I said, “You are my refuge,
My portion in the
land of the living.

Dave wrote this while he was in a cave. He knew who was his refuge. He knew where to go when he needed help. The Lord God, Jehovah!

I wonder how often we forget to go to the Lord and instead look to something else to be our refuge.

“Caves make good closets for prayer; their gloom and solitude are helpful to the exercise of devotion. Had David prayed as much in his palace as he did in his cave, he might never have fallen into the act which brought such misery upon his later days.”

Charles Spurgeon

Father, what caves have your people been in? Have you driven us to them? Have you lead us into the cave like atmospheres? Would we find you as our refuge with out the cave moments of our lives? Thank you Lord for the bitter, the gloomy, the silent places that turn us to You. How can we know great joy without experiencing misery? Its not pleasant, Lord and yet you are with us in those spaces and places. It is in these places that You are revealed as our help and our refuge! I cry out, Lord! I cry out and ask for relief for those in the caves of life. Draw them closer to you Lord. Reveal yourself as GOD and the One who is able to give help and hope. In Jesus name.

Thank you for praying and listening,


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