Psalm 137 exile, lost song, hear the cries


Psalm 137:4-6

How shall we sing the Lord’s song
In a foreign land?
If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
Let my right hand forget its skill!
If I do not remember you,
Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth—
If I do not exalt Jerusalem
Above my chief joy.

In this psalm the Israelite’s remember their homeland. They had been taken away to Babylon. They had been asked to sing the famous songs of Zion. You can hear the heartbreak and heartache of the writer.

How shall we sing…If I forget you…If I do not remember you…

“You have ceased singing lately. The joy of your religious life has vanished. You pass through the old routine, but without the exhilaration of former days. Can you not tell the reason? It is not because your circumstances are depressed, though they may be; for Paul and Silas sang praises to God in their prison. Is not disobedience at the root of your songlessness? You have allowed some little rift to come within the lute of your life, which has been slowly widening, and now threatens to silence all. And you never will be able to resume that song until you have put away the evil of your doing, and have returned from the land of the enemy.”

F.B Meyer

Where has our song gone? What has caused us to stop singing praise to our God? Have we been exiled? Most likely not. But we may have become complacent, bored, or uninterested in godly things. The world may have become more enticing. Those in Afghanistan are losing their livelihoods and freedoms under the Taliban. They have reason to lose their song.

What’s your excuse?

Father, even in the midst of exile you were on the minds of your people. Their spirit’s cried out for deliverance when they were carried away. If there is anything in my heart and spirit that keeps me from singing your praise. If there is any sin or crookedness that keeps me from trusting in your love reveal it to me. I praise you! I worship you! I return to you, my King! I thank you! I love you! I bless your holy name! I rest on your unchanging grace. I come to you for hope and help. You are the One who makes a way while I can’t see it myself. I lift up the pastors in Afghanistan who are hiding and fleeing. I pray for them to be full of courage in this dark hour. I pray for the souls of the people. May they come to you for salvation. Protect your people! Hide their movements from those who seek to take their lives. We ask you to free those in captivity. Protect the women and children from harm and abuse. Hear their cries and answer their calls for help. You are our strong tower. Our hiding place. Our refuge. We ask for miracles on behave of your people. In Jesus Name!

Thanks for praying and listening,


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