Psalm 114, God moves, do it again, wilderness


When I read this psalm, the first thing I thought of was how I wonder what it was like to see God move, like this? Does He still move like this?

In much of this psalm the sea is looking, the mountains are leaping, the hills are jumping like lambs…

Is this just poetic talk, and if so then, what is the psalmist talking about?

It feels grand and almost other worldly.

Psalm 114 7-8 Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord,
    at the presence of the God of Jacob,
who turned the rock into a pool,
    the hard rock into springs of water.

God will you do it again?

Father, you led captives out of Egypt and navigated them through the desert. You brought them through the wilderness and into the promise land. You turned dry rock into a spring of water where they could drink. You still do this for your people. You bring us through dry seasons of life. You lead with your faithfulness. You bring us through rough terrain of the soul. You comfort us beside a pool of still sweet water. You shepherd us. Lord will you do it again. Brings us through…Thank you.

What season are you in?

Thanks for Listening,


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