Every shadow rolled away


I thank God for a Pastor that holds up the arms of the body through prayer.

Last night my Pastor spoke a few words from a passage from Psalm 18.

My mind was reminded of a song that I had written some 15 years ago from this same passage.

This morning as a arouse I came back to that passage again and resung the old song that had strengthen my heart so long ago when I was a young believer desiring to know God and grow in Him.


For you will light my lamp

And you will light my life

My God will enlighten my darkness

By You I can run against

A troop of a 1000 men

And my God I can leap over a wall

No matter how tall it stands

So I will praise You

Yes I will trust You

No matter what I may go through

I will choose

I choose to believe in You

For God, His way is perfect

The word of the Lord is flawless

He is a shield to all who take refuge

Who is our God? beside the Lord

Who is our rock? except our God

The Lord, He is my strength

He makes my way perfect

So I will praise You

Yes I will trust You

No matter what I may go through

I will choose

I choose to believe in You

This song has popped up in my life through every major hard thing I have been through.

Its amazing how God continues to speak the same words of encouragement to our hearts and they never get old, but rather they just get deeper in root.

You, Oh Lord, comfort and revive my sorrowful spirit

You do not leave me meloncholy

You recover me out of my trouble and restore me to peace

You guide my way and light my candle

Give to me to work You have for me to do

How can I see thee?

You are the bringing of deliverance

You give the victory

You give skill and strength

You give swiftness to overcome

You give boldness and divine assistence

You give protection and make our paths an ways perfect

You give the victory!

You are our defender and protector

You are our support and shelter

I will have faith in my God. Is there any other who is able to do all things?

Who have I in heaven but You Oh God?

Can I see that the cross is the igniter?

At the cross At the cross

When I first saw the light

And the burden of my heart rolled away … every shadow rolled away…

It was thee by faith I recieved my sight

and now I am happy all the day

I will choose to believe inYou!

By the authority given to me and by free will that you allow, Oh Lord

I chose to trust YOU!

Thanks for listening,


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