Advent: Day 22 – Why….. How?

She was told a promise and she was willing to accept it -this Mary mother of God. She asked how? She was given an answer. One of the wonders and what was remarkable was that she didn’t ask why. She didn’t think to disqualify herself when she was chosen. She chose to believe. When we are the one who is called how often do we say “why?” instead of how. I asked, “why?” when I was asked to take over the youth group 7 years ago.

why me ? what makes you think I am the one?

give me proof of my worthiness

give me a reason to believe

I was a doubter and it took me that whole first year of leading the youth to decide to say “how?” instead of “why?”

ADVENT – the coming One comes to make you a place for Him to work through…can you believe?

I can’t work for it, perform for it, perfect myself to get it. I can only open my hands and thank for it. How can this be? The wonder of what will be is whispered at every turn. Today whispers who this young man will become. This little boy turned not so little anymore. This one who begs for attention at every turn. I let go to see him today. I surrender my way, my doings, my goings and let him enter into all today. Lord be a pitcher of grace water for me to drink today to fill all the empty places so I can see him. Consume me and all my, my, my, my’s with grace to give and let go.

All is grace,


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