Advent: Day 21 – Be prepared

For years I have missed the meaning of Christmas because I was not prepared.I did not think of saving in my now,so that, I could give in my future. I remember when I decided that this season would come and I wouldn’t be caught unprepared like those who did not have oil in their lamps. ( Matthew 25:6-12 )

Last year I was so disgusted by my inability to give and how my desire to give did not match my preparing to give. I grew cynical and irritated saying, “ Seriously do they have to play Christmas music everywhere and before Thanksgiving day?” I was cold. Cold of heart …not ready for HIS COMING.

ADVENT – Seeing HIS COMING afar off and following yonder star

That is when I realized I must do something different. No more complain and remain as if LIFE way. I found the culprit and this more month than money was on me. I didn’t prepare well for a season I knew  very well was coming. I was able to give. One year I felt directed by God to gather up two specially prepared gifts for someone He would lead me to give too. When I was filling out Christmas cards I saw the face and kind smile of Julie our grocery checkout lady. When I was preparing to seal the envelope I heard God say that one of those gifts is for her. We stood in the check out line with nothing but a gift and the look on her face was enough. She felt special and loved and that was the best sight to see and a blessing to give.

This “have it all together” and “be ready for anything” expectation are what this world says are the mark of a wife and a mother. For me I just think: “but this time of year is my natural resting time.”

Its time for slowing down time…

A reflecting time…

A preparing for the coming year time…

When I get caught in the what ifs and should be’s I run harder and miss HIS FACE time. When I curl up in a cuddle with my children is when I feel most at rest. I sense the sacred is all around. When a blanket of ice outside calling us to stay in and come close to Christ instead of running running. When listening to the sound coming from the second floor a drum of praise and songs of joy. These are sacred moments like bread rising, like hands raising in praise readying for the breaking of fellowship. Christmas time is full of sacred moments…everywhere.

Journal this or at least ponder and bring your thoughts of God:

Where have you seen sacred moments around you? How can you prepare for next year?

All is grace


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