Advent: Day 23 – Born in me

He came so small and fragile just how we are all of our days. He came to love us and meet us where we are. He came to be with us….what amazing little words…

ADVENT -God with us!

Remembering ….awakening

He is here. He is near. God is with me. And so, I slow and I change focus. I see and give thanks. I go and I enjoy and I am at peace. He came infant size. I am amazed at this. I have had two children and to think this WHOLE GREATNESS of GOD came in such tiny package. His BIRTH DAY…. what JOYOUS OCCASION – even in a manger. A celebration of LOVE coming down to enter into this worldly place to redeem and renew and remind there is such great love that the FATHER has for us.

A picture of this father/son relationship we all need a little more of that kind. I beg God pour on us here in our little home. All here in the middle of all this cold winter and bring the warmth burning from the inside. Heal me in the places that I am broken. Fill me with Your unfailing Love so that I wont be the same when You’ve spoke.

Fill my life O Lord restore my soul and spirit and BE BORN IN ME!

All is grace,


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