Not broken…

Its interesting how when you state a truth for yourself

that the tester of truth comes to test

I recently got an Ah ha moment

I am no longer broken

I am healed in the name of Jesus

I will no longer live life from my broken places

but from my healed risen life in Christ

it didn’t take long before

a situation came to one of my closest

reminding me of my past broken moments

Its strange that present things that charge emotional

can feel just like that crushing blow from the past

almost as if it happened today

and the innocence in the moment

crumbles into darkness and shadow

being covered by the blanket of past pain

I even heard myself say

My heart is broken

Telling myself that I am in need of forgiving myself

because I blamed myself for not being able to prevent

the situations that has reminded me of my shame

I have projected my inner reminder onto a current situation

when it was no where near the same

just reminisced inward that way

Can I believe??

There is therefore now no condemnation in Christ

can I believe ??

that the voice that comes to call me to shame is not the Spirit of God

it is none other than the enemy who seeks to destroy me and my faith

by getting my eyes off the truth

can I believe ??

that the soft and gentle voice that has asked me to lay the burden on Him

to release me from this tormenter of mind

is truly the Father who loves me who clearly calls me

Pure, clean, new, alive, restored, set free.


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