the most fearful things

Somewhere along the line, we became convinced we needed to trade relationships of love for strategic management of others. That shift frightened us away from each other. That shift forfeited the only distinction Jesus asks us to be known for: Loving and allowing ourselves to be loved.

The Cure: What If God Isn’t Who You Think He Is And Neither Are You


strategic management

even writing this I fear

the judgment

I have done this many times

Afraid that I am too much, annoying or overwhelming

and so I purposely stop calling

stop visiting

stop living

and become only a cyber friend

In high school over 15 years ago

yeah I am that old

I remember having several different groups of friend

some here in this town

and over here in this town

and a different group on the other side of town

non of them knowing each other

never mixing the groups, never mingling together

like they where special made drinks

only certain ingredients in each space

Somewhere somehow as a kid

since I moved over some bazillion times

I got it in my head that when shit hit the fan

you left….such was the way it seemed in my childhood

and so when I grew

when issues, troubles, arguments, conflict, disagreements



These things are some of the most fearful things

I remember once a very scary thing happened

when I told the truth

I came to understand that when asked or confronted

you tread careful …..strategic management

or something bad might happen

to me TRUTH….my truth wasn’t safe to speak

BUT JESUS and thank GOD for JESUS

He is slowing allowing me to see

just how fully He fills all my cracks

and how He loves me and created me to be loved and to love.

Funny now how I can see that I don’t need this management

when I have the MASTER manager of the universe !


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