Thankfulness on Tues.

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes

69. Bringing Birthday Smiles – visited a friend names Venus for her Birthday on Valentine’s day. Gifts and Frozen Yogurt!! YES

70. Venus had a Jacket she gave to me …LOVE IT!!

71. Jewelry Sales — Cute Pieces -love clearance racks

1329342352825 (2)1329400599092 (2)

72. Book Study Group – sharing hearts

73. Walking taco’s – YUM


74. Being back on Time :0)

75. The hum of a dishwasher …wash for me.

76. Hot Shower

77. Birthday Cake

78. Being Called Out and Being Convicted and Corrected -Amen!

79. Hugging my Dad

80. Lunch with Grandma

81. Warm Sunny Days


82. Tricycles rides for a boy

83. Seeing an old friend

84. A new Friend invite to coffee

85. Telephone calls with Mom and Dad


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