Friday Facts

Copy of NEWPICS 362-5

Added after post was done —>(ok I am just gonna say this here…only half this post is stuck with underlining on..but not the top I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED OR HOPW TO FIX IT!! ..let it be I guess…hahaha)


1. Something I like:

I bought myself a new printer and a new monitor for myself. I just bought new ink for my old printer and I printed a few sheets, then all the sudden NOTHIN’. It keep telling me there was a jam. A JAM!! and there is no paper in there ..again NOTHIN’ . I dealt with that for 2 weeks. BUT IT WAS THE MONITOR that was the really annoyance. The  display would randomly scroll through all the settings. Some times it was REALLY BRIGHT …and others times so dark I couldn’t see a thing. THAT WAS IT FOR ME!!!

2. A song:

3.  A PhotoQuote :

Don't let it be thievin' from you!


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4.  Something FUNNY:

Today my Grandma and I took a trip to Kmart to exchange some pants and pick up a few things. When we got to the car I said “ lets put all this in the trunk.” I put stuff in there and turned around and said “come on, David” to my son. He grabbed the cart and said “ ARE YOU PUTTING ME IN THE TRUNK!” LOL I don’t know why…I have never put him in there…lol hahahah

5. Favorite WFW:

I love this verse and photo…

I also really like the tag on her home page :


SOMETIME SERIOUS,      <—Love that!


6.  Pictures of the week    — so my underline is somehow STUCK ON!

1329342325487 (2)1329400599092 (2)

In the first picture my daughter is wearing a gray sweater from CATO.

It was on the sale rack – SCORE!!!  Both the necklaces were also from Cato on the clearance rack. Great finds for a good price. SHE WAS SO HAPPY to get new accessories and a sweater for Valentine’s Day.

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7. Tip of the Week: <— you got one for me??

ANYONE NOW HOW TO FIX THE UNDERLINING !!! I use windows live writer. And I did try highlighting and clicking the button for underline. It just stays on. Grrrrrrrrr Halfway through a post…makes no sense. ( and yes I closed and reopened. I also shut completely down the whole system) -problem still here.

8. Something FUNNY:


9. Something on my heart:

Ever had a time when you capacity to worry and fear overrode you capacity to be completely honest…..I have – had to stand up, pull on my big girl boots and speak the truth –even through the fear.

Psalm 27:1
The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

10. A Quote:

The work of a life is to reorder the love — to turn all things towards the True Lover. Forget how disordered the house is — how’s my heart?  ~ Ann Voskamp



8 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments and suggestions. I just read through my post and saw all my typo’s …lol I was so frustrated by the underlining ..I did figure it out..a flux I guess of one post. SOME ENTERTAINMENT!! lol xoxo blessings to all!


  2. Mrs4444 says:

    I don’t use Livewriter, but If you can see the html of your post, you might see at the start of it and where it stops. If you copy/pasted that text, this article might be helpful:

    If that doesn’t work, it sounds like you might have a computer gremin. 🙂

    Sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, always real… that.


  3. Nona says:

    The funniest thing is your dear son thinking you were going to put him in the trunk. Some thing to remember when he is older. Stopping by through Friday Favorite Things. ~Nona


  4. Keetha says:

    Sometimes my posts have hinky font sizes that I don’t want – – – I finally learned how to go into the htmp and SET the font size I want, but I don’t know html for underlining!


  5. Audra Marie says:

    I have no idea about the underlining, but love your post. My printer still works at the moment, but when it dies, I want a wireless one so it doesn’t have to sit on my desk. 🙂 Loved the song, and the funnies. Thanks for sharing my post. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


  6. lisleman says:

    Your stuck underlining made for a funny post. I hate windoze and have not used live writer. I’m on blogger so I don’t know what wordpress offers for an online editor. I would think you could just type out your post in plain text and then change the format stuff online. I do that with blogger.


  7. wayne says:

    Hate when the computer acts up on me. Sounds like you had an interesting week.


  8. kd sullivan says:

    I always enjoy reading about the wrap up of your week!


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