How BIG is our GOD!

(Image provided by Hubble Telescope)

This is a picture of the Whirlpool Galaxy…they call it the Darling of Astronomy. It is beautiful!

This past Sunday my Pastor showed a video that was Amazing and Stunning, leaving me in AWE of the God we serve.

I am providing a link to the 1st of 5 vids that are availiable on youtube:

(watch them all you wont be sorry)

It is  called INDESCRIBABLE by Louie Giglio.

As you will see Louie will tell you about the universe and what he calls our subdivision of this universe. There are parts of this video series that will blow your mind, humble you and make your faith GROW!!

Phil 2:7 But he made himself as nothing, taking the form of a servant, being made like men;

This is one of the verses that Louie uses in the video. When he said it, I thought:


He took the form of a servant being made like man…..

MEN are to SERVE…We are to be SERVANTS…that is what we were made for..TO SERVE GOD.

Oh how the enemy of our heart has decieved us to believe that WE ARE TO BE SERVED!

Renew that mind!!

Listening to how Louie explains that GOD spoke all this into existance….

I thought : and God made us in HIS IMAGE, giving His Son for us, so that IN CHRIST we could become like HIM. As He is, so are we in the world….

It made me shake at the thought of ALL THE CARELESS WORDS SPOKEN.

Faithless words…

Fearfull words…

Unkind words…

Cursing words…

May we ( may I) be transformed in my speech….


 How do my words create my personal universe???

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did :0)

Have a great Monday!!!


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