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When the seas are rough

( art by Aubrey Halket ) I am humbled by this God who loves and uses us broken and imperfect people to help heal and love other broken and imperfect people. Most of the day I was afflicted by words that were spoken to me. They replayed in my mind over and over, and what’s… Continue reading When the seas are rough

My stories

Re-branded love

I was one of those people who had the words stupid and worthless seared into my soul at a young age. But God came in and like a laser of love re-branded me‪#‎beloved‬ ‪#‎Mine‬ ‪#‎Loved‬ ‪#‎Accepted‬ What an awesome, healing, loving God we have!!   I still have thoughts that come and try to eat… Continue reading Re-branded love

Monday Goodies

Monday Goodies – lists, links, likes and La La La

1. A video:   2. A quote …because I love them: 3. My thanks …because all is grace: * Gma came through surgery well * My son stayed on Green in Kindergarten all week ..woot woot!! * Love praying over my dear girls @ youth group H:YC * warmer weather * lunch with my Bff… Continue reading Monday Goodies – lists, links, likes and La La La

SMAC lessons

Justified -Just If I’d?

We do all kinds of things…. We say all kinds of things to justify ourselves…. I was mad, so I hit him! I was hurt, so I told a lie about her! She talked behind my back, so I told all her dirt secrets! Wanting to be right! Wanting others to think we made a… Continue reading Justified -Just If I’d?

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PhotoQuote #93

Everyday we spread seed…. called WORDS! LORD FILL MY MOUTH WITH WORTHWHILE STUFF AND NUDGE ME WHEN I’VE SAID ENOUGH ( that is on a little sign I bought as a thrift store 13 years ago…sits in my bathroom to remind all of us at my house) Linking with: STARLA