Friday’s Facts (on Sat.)

01/29/2011 – a day late..hahahha

It’s Saturday …but here’s my Facts!

1. My Sister and Mom came to town to visit yesterday – see I do have a good excuse for being tardy.

 This is my Sister and her Family. :0) beautiful they are!!!

Here is my Mother and my Son….this is a great picture and I love it!!

2. My Bff got sick this past week with walking pneumonia and H1N1 ..please pray for her continued healing. She is much better … I am so glad :0)

One of my favorite pics of us….we be SUNCHEESY!!!

3.  THOUGHT that keeps rolling around in my head:


4. Song that touched me today:

5. Potty training is FUN :0/ –parental consistency!!

6. My latest photoquote …just in case you haven’t seen it. I love the message:

The Great I AM made you in HIS Image : BE I aM PERFECT! :0)


 Ps 21: 5

His glory is great through Your Salvation, Splendor and majesty You placed upon him.

If Christ is within us…. GOD’s Glory is GREAT through YOUR salvation…SPLENDOR and MAJESTY YOU reflect back to HIM!!!  I love that thought!!!

8. Have you ever checked out the DISC personality types…very interesting.

Learning about personality types is very helpful in understanding why you do what you do and why you react to others the way you do. It also helps you recognise what type others are and how to better communicate with them.

9. I am almost there!!!! ( My family is still here…working fast :0)

10. And of course a QUOTE:

Too many things in life bring us down. When you wake up to the truth that what brings us down is simply forcing us to STAND, then you see the GOOD IN ALL THINGS! – author Jacob Israel

Thanks for Listening…GO RANDOM!!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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