a look back

Me at 18      Me at 35 My so long ago self… Emily asked if I would be friends with that girl? I think I would but she would try me more than I could bare and I would probably step away from her a few time to breath the patience to withstand her defenses would... Continue Reading →

Joyful Blessings

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes 171.  Naps on a Saturday afternoon 172. Not being tied to a schedule for one day and eating toast for dinner..lol 173. Reading free books on my tablet using a kindle app .. YEAH!! 174. Helping our Youth Pastor 175. Making it through a difficult situation 176. Rain to... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

4/6/2012 1. A song: 2. Picture of the week: Easter Egg Head Daughter - Sarah 3.  Something on my heart: Pray for me …I am singing a solo at Church for Easter…. It is a big song and I am intimidated by it. It is Via Dolorosa most commonly sung by Sandy Patti.  Lord Help... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Facts

03/11/2011 FRIDAY FACTS IS BACK!!! Did you miss me??? 1. Found a new blog and site that I really enjoy, it is called http://www.the160acrewoods.com I added a button on my BUTTON ROLL for it....check it out!! She makes awesome PhotoverseQuotes. 2. Another one I really like my BFF Tina found. They are really cool, inspirational... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Facts (on Sat.)

01/29/2011 - a day late..hahahha It's Saturday ...but here's my Facts! 1. My Sister and Mom came to town to visit yesterday - see I do have a good excuse for being tardy.  This is my Sister and her Family. :0) beautiful they are!!! Here is my Mother and my Son....this is a great picture... Continue Reading →

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