Snapshot Saturday

Hello Readers…today is the first of many post on Saturdays called Snapshot Saturday. I am joining Vicki over at TIN BUCKET PHOTOGRAPHY for some snappy photo fun!! YEAH!!!

You will love her photography…. it is beautiful, artsy, unique with a rustic feel….I find it to be a little bit country, lenticular and refreshing always telling a story (to me anyway… :0) …with what should be BIG CITY SITTING FEE!!! SO  …worth it!!!

This is one of my SUPER FAV’s by Vicki…I love how this tiny beauty is next to this HUGE RUGGED DOOR!! –Thanks Vicki For letting me post it!! :0)

It makes me think of  the INNOCENCE of a child calling to the other side to OPEN to her … Let the wonder begin….

Ok so now I am gonna add mine that I took this past week :



Working on some angles in that first one…I’m trying!!! I tend to be the one who discards pics if you arent looking at the camera…so I am working on capturing the moment and not just the person.

These are my children….

David is the curious and busy little man of my life and Sarah is the giving and creative girl after my heart.

Thanks for stopping … sure to return next saturday….

and dont forget to check out TIN BUCKET PHOTOGRAPHY !!

Have a GREAT Saturday!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Thanks Shelly!!


  2. Shelly says:

    Love the photos! Cute kiddos! 🙂



  3. starla says:

    LOL…no I didnt know you lived in a Tiny town…funny…I just was interpreting the feel of the photography of yours that I have seen. I think you do an amazing job!!
    Thank you for your kind words….I hope I can pic up some ideas, tips and whatnot’s from you to catch some better shots of my family. I need to get out of the FACEBOX and shoot the moment and capture the feel like you do…that to me is inspirational!!! :0)


  4. vicki says:

    You are TOO sweet, thank you! And I think you described my photography style better than me…lol! I might have to steal those words..hehe! I love your photos…you are doing great..and the angles are good! Very good looking children! Oh and did you the town I live in is like…700 poplulation! We have a tiny post office, a caution light and a old fisher store (now a antique shop)! Thanks for getting the word out about my blog, I appreciate it!


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