Snapshot Saturday

Saturday is here again and its time to share some snappy snaps :0) These are from our walk the other day through my neighborhood… Thanks for stoppin by…if you like to take pics join Vicki over at TIN BUCKET PHOTOGRAPHY and become a Snappy Snapshoter!! Starla

Saturday Snapshot

Its that SNAPPY day again…. To join Saturday Snapshot click the pic above after you have added your photo to your blog and add your name to TIN BUCKET PHOTOGRAPHY’s Mr. Linky…. Happy Snappin”  Have a great Saturday!!  Starla

Snapshot Saturday

Snappitty SNAP its snappy snap snap day!!! LOL …wow super cheesy!!! Ok here are my snapshots :0) Happy SATURDAY!!! Starla

Snapshot Saturday (part 2)

Joining TIN BUCKET PHOTOGRAPHY for another Snappy Saturday!! :0) Since it is still saturday and we went to the Zoo today I thought I would add these snapshots of ANIMAL FACES!! I notice that I really like taking FACIAL PHOTOS!!! LOL Those are my Favorite shots from the Zoo Have a great Sat. Night!!! Starla

Snapshot Saturday

     Thanks to Vicki starting this up over at TIN BUCKET PHOTOGRAPHY….I LOVE  incentive…inspiration….and a challenge!!! Starla Snapshot Saturday is Here Again!!! I took some good shots this week I think!! :0)   My sister was here visiting and I got to spend some time with my neice Shannon..   My Favorite Shot of…