Letting Go and Saying YES~!

Reading : Days of Deepening Friendship  by Vinita Hampton Wright
Her site and to buy this book : http://deepeningfriendship.loyolapress.com/
I’m gonna lump 2 chapters this week..(or I will have this book for– FOREVER!! lol ) although it is really good and certainly worth the read.
Chap. 9: What happens if you fall apart?
Excerpt: I can tell you one thing for sure. My life is too much for me… I can not handle everything that comes my way. There was a time when I thought I could, if I just tried harder, or prayed more, or somehow figured out a head of time to be better prepared…  Life is too much because we were never meant to hold within our individual souls all the amazement and terror and information and mystery that moves through this universe every moment of our lives.
This reminds me of Monday Motto that I wrote this week – Have Faith…God is cool how He laces truths together.
We are not going to have it all together.
When problems come…
When decisions have to be made…
We may be better equipped because of past experiences if we’ve learned how to learn from them instead of being jaded by them. But for the most part we just can’t do it all. We just can’t handle everything.
Vinita adds: Over the years I’ve grown stronger and smarter in some ways, able to manage situations that I bungled before but still the situation arrives that I am no match for.
I’m not so sure that we are supposed to be a match for things…
Sure we are to grow and learn but what if it’s all set up so that while I am growing and learning I am supposed to be continually faced with things I can’t handle, so that I am driven to the ROOM to meet with my Father.
Would we come… if we could do it all ourselves???
Chap. 10: What would it take to say yes to love??
Vinita begins this chapter by speaking of when she and her husband first started dating and he would try to look DEEPLY into her eyes….
Excerpt: …to see me so directly was a new kind of openness. It was unnerving to sense the energy that such connection created. It was the possibility of being truly known that threw me into a panic.
Well isn’t that the truth …we seek after …even long to have another person in this world who wants to know us …who is willing to dig a little to find the diamond in the rough under all our layers of dust. Yet when that opportunity presents itself we RUN FOR THE HILL IN FEAR of BEING KNOWN!!!
I know that when I come to the ROOM to meet with my Father. I have a hard time for the first few minutes just being me. ( well uhhhh Hi God…I am here Lord to uhhhhhhhh meet with you…..I uhhhhhhhhh praise you Lord…..I need you in my Life (like He’s not right??) and uhhhhhhhh well ….I AM TIRED……..(rest, breathe) Thank you for just being here with me in my mess) I mean it takes a bit to shake off the religious-ness and just be real!! I feel a little strange at times when I tell the Lord how mad I am about situations, and how mad I am at people….I read about how we are to love and I just feel like I am being mean or something.  Who better to tell all that to then the One who created the people and situations for me to learn from, to help me deal with them in a constructive way and come away from it better than when I entered into them.
When we say YES to entering into a relationship with others and God….it’s a little unnerving to say the least. YES means COME IN!!  Right? We have opened the door to know and be known.
We are agreeing to let go of our defenses to keep others and God OUT…
Saying YES to relationships of LOVE means learning to let another persons view of you ” be real “…not just what you think about yourself. It means maybe you have to stop thinking you’re a bad person or no good or not this or that….because this other person can see things in you that you never dreamed where there…. you are just blind to it … they see a DIAMOND ….you see the rough. –am I wrong?? Friends and loved ones say nice and wonderful things about us and what do we say…OH yeah WELL BUT!!!!  (enough said …we are all BUSTED there!!)
Saying YES means taking the view that GOD has of people and putting HIS glasses on…..
Excerpt: God’s love is not sidetracked by season’s of frustration or sorrow because love is worth every cost. Saying yes to love means that we become more willing to be truly known, even though we suspect that some of what goes on inside us is not pretty.
There are parts of me I don’t really want others to see but they are there and being in relationships and saying yes to love means I let myself be exercised in those areas…. bossy, merciless, easily irritated, emotionally volatile, selfish, distrustful, suspicious, and mental/emotional escape artist. These are all there in me and yet in my closest relationships I am loved for me warts and all and I am learning….tested often….brought to humility…
I chose to say — YES!!!  How about you?
Thanks for listening…
Thursday (Book I'm Reading) THOUGHTS

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  1. starla says:

    Thanks….yeah being a bit real there…


  2. I liked the conversation with God! Cute, lol.

    Defenses. Boo. Sometimes I put too many up, mainly after putting to many down and being “burned” by it. I’m going to stop attempting to control what others see of me.


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