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Where are they? – A Lament

Vulnerable …Open Two words that are easy to overlook when writing…. what do I mean?? Well, I can write flowery words and allude to my meaning and never openly state a thing and never reveal the me under the words and just let vulnerability slip through the cracks. That being said,  today I write plainly!… Continue reading Where are they? – A Lament

Friendships of Love

Come and Join us today!!

Today over at Friendships of Love  we are talking about " when we hide who we are and our feelings"  I wrote a post called STUFF AND SMILE Proverbs 27:7 When you've stuffed yourself, you refuse dessert; when you're starved, you could eat a horse.  The word STUFF means to stop or cram, choke back. In… Continue reading Come and Join us today!!

Thursday Thoughts

The things we do…

Reading: Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright  Her site and to buy this book : Hello I am Back...doing my Thursday Thoughts....I find it really interesting that the chapter I am choosing to do is RIGHT WHERE I AM!! I havent read ahead in this book I am just going along...I took a… Continue reading The things we do…

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Ship Ride

  Acts 27:22 But now I urge you to keep up your courage, because not one of you will be lost; only the ship will be destroyed. In my last post for Thursday Thoughts I used this verse to bring out a point about --Whatever SHIP of NON-SENSE your Riding dont worry, God can take… Continue reading Ship Ride

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Getting Honest and Having Courage!

      Reading: Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright  Her site and to buy this book :    Chapter 17: Are you ready to be honest?   Just the title of this chapter makes you cringe a little. Just the fact that it asks that question makes us question if we are...we… Continue reading Getting Honest and Having Courage!