Fearfully, Wonderfully ME!


Taking cue from another blog I have recently come to read through some of the other blogs I LOVE!!! 

Sara over at SLASHING GLORY did a post today called FEARFULLY, WONDERFULLY ME! Check it out because It was really good and inspiring to me today, filling me with courage to just BE ME …wonderfully imperfect and yet totally LOVED by GOD – ME!! :0)

Simply Me!

 I would love for everyone to just see that chick in the center everyday all day …But God made me with this really wonderfully and fearfully :0) curly hair that I just have to pull back out of my face. LOL

As you can see I am quite the wonderfully made expressionist ..my husband just LOVES that one on the bottom left when he is in trouble as you can imagine. HAHA!! :0P

Yep that is me in all my glory. Floppy bun and no make up at the park with my little one.  My wonderfully made teeth that stick out a little –NOT BAD I KNOW–don’t YELL at me!!! :0) They give character to my face and God likes it when I smile for Him.

Scars on my chin cause I can’t keep my hands off my face when I am thinking ( because God made me a deep thinking, analyzing, gotta study stuff intellectuallizer) so I get “friends” as we call them around my house (pimples) and I don’t like them so I PICK!! I KNOW …bad right??? –I am also I investigator ..ha ha ….give me the light..where is it, what is it…..

But this is ME! God made we WONDERFUL…

I wonder if the girl who wrote this post would have written it when she started this blog back in December of 2008 —WOW !! Has it really been that long???

I have been blessed through this blog.

Slowly letting myself out of the shell of –I GOT TO BE PERFECT!!

Thank you Sara over at SPLASHING GLORY for being willing to be the YOU God made in all your GLORY!!!


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  1. starla says:



  2. I like the bottom left one too! hahaha.


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