Let’s Talk! Tuesday


Ok..so here goes my RANDOMNESS

1. Had a wonderful Sunday Evening. Our Church did a groundbreaking ceremony for our new building. VERY EXCITING!! My Husband and his Dad and our Son are here in this picture. 3 generations.

Groundbreaking CRCC 2010


2. Me and the kids are going to Missouri to visit my Sister and my Mom. We leave this morning! YIPPY :0)

3. We picked up my niece Shannon from my Dad’s house yesterday. She is travelling with us. My Son LOVES HER!!! He keeps saying – Where Shannon, Where Shannon??

4. Back to groundbreaking day – our Pastor said He was praying for a Rainbow that day. My daughter (little Artist) decided to make him a rainbow. He loved it so much. He was so touched. He said he is going to hang it up in the church. How cool is that??? :0)

A rainbow from Sarah

5. I have had a song stuck in my head since SUNDAY :

You deserve the Glory and the Honor

We lift up Holy Hands to You

and Magnify your Name

Cause You are God

You are Great and Mighty God

There is no one else like You

There is no one else like YOU!!


Thats all I have for this tuedays randomness….Gotta run! :0)

5 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Yes me too!!


  2. starla says:

    I forgot my starbucks…lol :0)


  3. Shelly says:

    How exciting about the new church building! That’s awesome! And the rainbow picture from your daughter….super sweet! 🙂

    Enjoy your time with your family….be safe and don’t forget your Starbucks! 🙂


  4. Ohhh!! Everyone {you and Shelly!} are going out of town! I want to go somewhere now. Boo!!! Be safe and have lot’s of fun! I can tell that you’re excited. There’s nothing like spending time with family.


  5. Ciawy says:

    I always like seeing pictures showing 3 generations. That’s so precious.


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