“FLOOD of 08” -were moving on

Dont fear the future for God is already there!

That is the quote a local pastor said on the news just after the flood had happened.

Everyone was in a state of disbelief….feeling at a loss for words. Those words comforted me.

On June 13, 2008 it was headlined in newspapers as EPIC SURGE. I and my family were in that flood. The first few days were terrifying. Not knowing what to do with yourself. Not knowing how our home fared.

When we got to see our home. Like everyone else who went through it (no matter how much water you got in your home) it was devastating.

My husband was the first to return to the house ( I had a newborn. He was born March 3. He was 3 months old.) He had to kick in the door just to get it open. When inside everything was covered by black stinky muck, 3 ft. up the wall. We did manage to move some things to the second floor. Like everyone else we figured (considering how far we lived from the river) that the water MIGHT come into our basement. I moved family pictures and artwork from my Poppy. Books and things. We move some other things from the basement into the first floor. So you can imagine everything we moved to the first floor ruined. Our entire bedroom ruined. Living room ruined. Kitchen Ruined.


Flood 2008

I live almost 3 more block outside this picture…and we had 3 ft. in the house. That is eye level outside with my husband and he is 5’9″ tall. That is a lot of water. We rebuilt and live in our home. We spent 4 months living with my sister. Then we spent 4 months living upstairs in our home. With a make shift kitchen. Crock Pot, Electric Griddle and a reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallly small fridge. But we made it….God is faithful.

 and our church went under water also.

CRCC Foursquare

So back to the QUOTE!!

TODAY we are doing ground breaking for our church. We are rebuilding. In another location.

Do not fear the future for God is already there.


Hebrews 13:8 

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.


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  2. Tina Fox-Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing all that = )


  3. Thank you for sharing Starla! That is beautiful, how God is so faithful. I know this is what a ton of people in Alabama need to hear. And those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf. God is faithful, He knows our futures. He HAS ALREADY made a way!


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