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Friday Facts!!

02/25/2011 It's Friday Facts ...woot!! 1.  Potty training a  "determined to be independent and do it myself child" makes for lots of wiping up of floor and toilet and wall. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :0/ 2. My church has officially changed its name. YEAH sooooooooo exciting!! We are now called:   3.  A poem A crystal in the… Continue reading Friday Facts!!

Friday Facts, My thoughts

Friday Facts :0)

02/18/2011 1.  My mind is all over ...lets see where do I start???  2. I have been thinking about " TIME" We never know how much time we have in this life...... It is up to us how to spend it!! What to do with it!! and The impact we make with our time!! One of… Continue reading Friday Facts :0)

Friday Facts, Good Stuff Found!, Let's Talk Tuesday

Friday’s Facts

02/11/2011 Hello Friday Facts is Back!! :0) 1. Shelly over @ Is that you, Lord ? posted a long missed ---Lets Talk Tuesday!! Shelly is the one who started me on this RANDOMNESS so go thank her by visiting her site. She will surprise you with her wisdom and insights. Check her out!! 2. I… Continue reading Friday’s Facts

Good Stuff Found!, Let's Talk Tuesday, My thoughts


    01/21/2011 RANDOM facts.... love those kinds of posts. Some of you may remember when I did LETS TALK TUESDAYS  with Shelly over at Is that you, Lord?   So taking a que from her and running with a sense of -- I MISS RANDOM BLOGGING!!! WELCOME to FANCIFULLY RANDOM it's Friday's Facts :0)… Continue reading FRIDAY’s FACTS