RANDOM facts…. love those kinds of posts. Some of you may remember when I did LETS TALK TUESDAYS  with Shelly over at Is that you, Lord?  

So taking a que from her and running with a sense of — I MISS RANDOM BLOGGING!!!

WELCOME to FANCIFULLY RANDOM it’s Friday’s Facts :0) Long enough for ya..hahahah :0)

Here we go…

1. I am a mother of a two year old boy ( almost 3 in March) His favorite things to say are :

MOMMY….(repeated a hundred times a day)



I WANNA WATCH A MOVIE….. ( did someone say Quiet Time :0)

2. Took the kids to the dentist today…NO CAVITIES!! yeah :0)

3. Found a YUMMY recipe for Butternut Squash and Apples that we are going to try tonight


4. Does anyone else go crazy when they are going to be LATE!! :0/


I have a few things this year for 2011

-Let go of the Past

-Connect with Myself

-Wake Up and Be Present

-Flylady –DOIT!! ( if you have never tried …check it out! )

– Daily Bible Reading ( I have been using YOU VERSION online to keep track of my reading…I can use it on my phone–love that!!!)

6. Did anyone else see the movie : EAT PRAY LOVE

This was a good movie….it made me think and ponder about many things in my life.

Eat — watching Julia Roberts eat all that pasta was KILLING ME!! I love pasta….Made me think I need to get together with a bestie and have a lunch or evening meal at Olive Garden.

Pray— It seemed to drive Julia just as crazy to try and quiet the busyness of her mind as it does me.  I learned I can be very still in my head if I visualize sitting just behind my eyes …( this is hard to do when you are hungry I suggest EAT first…lol )

Love — I was sad to see that she wouldnt get on the boat with him ;0( she almost lost out on Love because of FEAR.  )

7.  Found a new definition for REJECTION:

Inevitable consequence of a conflicting agenda

8.  Has anyone noticed these words being said, showing up on TV or in articles …on Facebook:


I had a photoquote about that …want to see???


Random Kindness


9.  Does anyone else like BREAD…

It is so good. I love to smell bread….long deep inhalations of bread. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I am so glad that one of the joys of knowing the KING of Heaven is He wants to break bread with me. :0)

10.  And of course I got to have a QUOTE!!!

There is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, for kindness, for thoughtfulness, and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much.

Mother Teresa

Well that is it for my FRIDAY FACTS!!!
Have a great Friday :0)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    ME TOO!! Had to start one that I could continue to do :0)


  2. Rachel says:

    I like random posts. 🙂


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