is the treasure we seek

I went back to when I first started this blog and checked out some of my posts before I had friends who read them. :0) btw thanks for reading reader friends!!!

I thought I would go back and breath a little life into them – Here is a Double Repost…a twofer!! (two post together) from the beginning days.modified a little …hehehe


I was in my kitchen and I started to sing a song..just out of nowhere it seemed..but Father spoke to me in it..Im gonna LOVE you forever…. Notice how we in our life have sought out…and deeply crave LOVE..we sing songs about it….we write poems about it…we talk about it…THIS IS A DEEP NEED.

The awesome thing about it …GOD called Himself LOVE…and so in TRUTH we are seeking after…and deeply crave HIM and only when It is HIM that we know that we HAVE then we stop running…we stop seeking…we sit down…we rest in HIM and we know that we HAVE LOVE!!!

I want to love you forever…
I want to know what love is…
At love has come along…
Cause I am saving all my love for you….

And Truly HE HAS GREAT LOVE FOR US!!!! Rest in that LOVE………It is real!

When we live our lives in such a way as to let FATHER manifest the natural outflow is LOVE.
Love is what the heart is truely searching for and when you give yourself to following your heart in LOVE will abound in LOVE.

When we undividedly listen to our children tell us about their day….organize an event to celebrate the life of our friend….taking your spouse on a much needed getaway….bringing lunch to the local homeless man on the side of the road ….or simply smiling at those you meet. These are all matters of the heart and the giving of LOVE!!


Song of Solomon 1:2
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    go get that getaway!!


  2. You are hilarious! You’re welcome from your reader friend!

    That idea of taking your spouse on a much needed getaway sounds like a good idea. I may just do that by kicking him out to watch the Laker game elsewhere. A much needed getaway 🙂


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