Holding on to things…

We hold on to everything……..

Magazines, socks, clothes, and any other possibly usable thing…

Gifts, Cards, Paperwork, Pictures……..

Thoughts, Bad habits, Excuses, Anger, Hurts, Fears….

Pull out your DECLUTTERING BAG and get rid of some stuff….

Pull out your Garbage Can and throw out crap you dont use or need…

DONATE IT….Give it away…something…

and MOST IMPORTANTLY – FORGIVE!! Let go of the pain and anger and upset that you carry around in your soul…if it helps while you are throwing literal things out put a name on it…call it FEAR….call it ANGER…call it BITTERNESS….call it what ever it needs to be and see that thing right out of your souls and out the door!!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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