Not Ashamed

Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world – even if what is published is not true. — Richard Bach, from Illusions

I do my best to be who I am all the time…sometimes that just doesnt work out. In those moments it is Not that I am not being myself but who I am runs against the grain of who others are…and then there is friction. Sometimes you really can do nothing at this point but to let it go and wait. Often great lessons lie within the friction.

Refuse to be ashamed of who you are no matter who may disagree with you.

It isnt easy………it may give you a cramp in the brain from the overload of emotions but in the long run….the friction will subside, the people who have issues with eachother will learn how to talk to eachother, or life will move on. Either way Be Who You Are………….because who you are is all you have and there is no one else created just like you.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Linda Keith says:

    Wonderful thinking, Starla!! BE, that’s the word of the day.

    love ya, Linda


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