What, why and WHO?

Wonderstruck is proving to be one heck of a ride into God’s wonder and love. Also proving to have exciting twists and turns into and through me. I am seeing sides of me that I thought for years I have known and been well acquainted with…until I am faced with actually seeing me through the... Continue Reading →

A view of me and maybe you?

Do you worry about how you look to others? How you feel to yourself? ME TOO!! Sometimes it is just annoying and I drive myself NUTS!!! I clicked on a random post of mine called OBSERVATIONS… Interesting to read!! In the last year I have taken a test that my pastor suggested for us at... Continue Reading →

Personal Significance

Cause and affect what is around you Be of some consequence Be not ill affected Rise on the inside Stand out bright like that Light within let that shine through don't put up those walls suspend all judgment to see what really is evaluate what is true and walk in love let go and let... Continue Reading →

Not Ashamed

Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world - even if what is published is not true. -- Richard Bach, from Illusions I do my best to be who I am all the time...sometimes that just doesnt work out. In those moments it is Not that I am... Continue Reading →

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