Through it…

While watching the movie LUTHER. Something a man said to him in this movie stuck out to me.


Each of us have a bent, a vice, tendency

anger…critisism…hatred…intolerance…denial…pride…complacency…or the like.

and when God has taken us on his journey…..his adventure…through each trial and testing…hardship…we are being taught if we will but hear his words within…

Then we find that our anger has given way to a calm heart within….our critisism has turned to self-reflection of our own behavior…hatred melts away into love…intolerance retreats to allow us to accept others…denial has washed away and being present arrives within…pride stands down and humility steps up…complacency fades as passion ignites…

What we have learned by the hardest of knocks becomes what we preach most fervently with our lifes…our actions speak and our words …well they are but a side kick to our character.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    couldn’t agree with you more!


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