Administer HOPE

Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all he or she has. – ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Sure…just about anyone can pass on the harsh realities of life. Tell people to face the facts. Stop being so optimistic life isn’t that positive. I say be careful what you are saying and to whom you are speaking. At that moment maybe hope is all they have.

Hope that not everyone is so harsh and cold.

Hope that there are people who will come along side and simply understand

Hope that when curve balls are thrown at your head..if they hit you, you still get to walk a base

Hope is a very powerful thing and we all need to have it to make it…

How we speak is powerful …our words they create…peace or unrest…life or death!

You do not have to ignore the realities of life in order to speak positively into your own life or that of others…but you can not ignore the power of speaking in accordance with goodness and love and peace for only seeing the harsh realities of life. If you do then sadness and negative thinking will over take you…and misery sets in…

Be an agent of LOVE….administer HOPE to people around you…the realities are all around but one word of encouragement could help someone make it through today.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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