No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched. – George Jean Nathan

Clenched fists…..angry…..fighting….defending….having a stance!

Thinking clearly….open….listening….communication….understanding!

I know that when I am have my fists clenched  mentally I cant think straight…I cant hear the person talking to me. My daughter recently wrote a paper for school. She had to pick out a quote from Shakespear and write what she thought about it.  She picked – “I understand the fury in your words, But not the words.”   In her paper she wrote about how we dont listen to what others say but we pay attention to their tone. She reminds us that we often react to others tone of voice….and with clenched fists….we check out on what they are really saying to us.

How often have you done that? I have…plenty of times. Just tonight I had to slow down to really hear what someone was saying to me. My first inclination was to stand with clenched fists and defend myself, but when I took the time to listen….to really listen….I heard somethings I never knew about this person. I learned what was behind their words. I was surprised and greatful!

We cant think straight….hear straight….listen straight…with clenched fist in any aspect of our lives.

Next time when you feel the fist in you beginning to clench……..remind yourself to………relax……..listen…….what is this person REALLY saying to me?

 Hear their WORDS…not just their TONE!!

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  1. Kelly Byrn says:

    Your daughter is wise beyond her years!! It is soo easy to hear someone’s tone and not listen to their words, I’m very guilty of that. My husband will say something and I hear a tone, not what he’s truly saying then I just get myself worked up over nothing. When I calm down and really listen, then I realize I should have heard the words first and would have spared everyone an attitude! 🙂


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