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PhotoQuote #90

  There is just something about having and spending face time with other people. In a world so text savvy and where Facebook has taken over the earth and is the common communication avenue. Having people over for coffee and dinner. Spending time together is becoming uncommon. Let’s be Uncommon. As we seek His face… Continue reading PhotoQuote #90

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Why should I?

Its not easy when you are trying to communicate and it just feels like the other person has no intention on being reasonable. How about when you find you don’t either? I found myself saying : ok…well I have something I want you to see and you have something for me to see. Are we… Continue reading Why should I?

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I am taking a break from the normal posting routine ... Labor day I took off so I get I am having a blog-cation for the week. LOL!! Yes that means No Thursday thougths book Im reading....have you read the others..check them out:0) --- Thursday Thoughts: Days of Deepening Friendship Seems like when you take… Continue reading BREAK TIME!

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The Common Ground

There is a place where two people can stand. Having differing opinions. Having different understanding. Sometimes this place where two can stand takes each one on a journey within themselves to find what is most important be right in their own mind and have the other agree with them so that they feel protected and appreciated or is… Continue reading The Common Ground

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Solitary Confinement

I am inspired to write because for many, many years, while living in solitary confinement, writing was my only means of communication...." - Jarvis Jay Masters myself.....none to reach out friend........sadness THAT IS SOLITARY CONFINEMENT I use to live there....not in a cell....not a captive for a crime......but a captive of my mind.......have… Continue reading Solitary Confinement