5 things – introverted

1. Listening: I want to be able hear another person clearly, so that I am sure I have heard it the way they are meaning and not the way I think I am hearing it. I have auto reactions in my mind when I hear something that is surprising to me or that I don’t... Continue Reading →

God Speak…Me Speak…We Speak

REPOST from 2009 There have been times God has lead me to listen to another for some time and there words were relevant to my life and then I was released to move on… There were times when God had lead me to a store and I bought these books I knew nothing about and... Continue Reading →

Hearing what is being said!

LISTENING!!?? THE TEST!! I know that listening is good..... I have been noticing the word LISTEN coming up all over the place for a couple of weeks. I had gone to a  Baskets of Hope conference and I had written down these words from Cheri Keaggy who did the speacial music for the conference: Listen...I am only here... Continue Reading →

Ways to make a relationship better

Here are the best ways I have learned to make relationships better: 1. LISTEN Sometimes this is very hard to do. Sometime we are in our heads holding that one word someone else said that struck us about something that we did and now we are just waiting for them to stop talking so we can share that... Continue Reading →


No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched. - George Jean Nathan Clenched fists.....angry.....fighting....defending....having a stance! Thinking clearly....open....listening....communication....understanding! I know that when I am have my fists clenched  mentally I cant think straight...I cant hear the person talking to me. My daughter recently wrote a paper for school. She had to pick out... Continue Reading →

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