Hearing what is being said!



I know that listening is good…..

I have been noticing the word LISTEN coming up all over the place for a couple of weeks.

I had gone to a  Baskets of Hope conference and I had written down these words from Cheri Keaggy who did the speacial music for the conference:

Listen…I am only here to listen.

I talk to much, until you speak, I am laying my agenda down, Teach me how to listen!!

I had blogged about listening

I had talked to friends about listening.

My mother talked to me about listening.

Then came the TEST!!!

It was NOW time for ME to LISTEN!!

What I wonder  from going through this situation is  HOW MANY TIMES IS GOD TELLING US WHAT IS GOING ON AND GOING TO COME …and we are NOT LISTENING!! I happened to be prepared that time. I SAW the theme of LISTENING everywhere.

I did not like hearing what I heard…I am not perfect

I was at fault in this situation and needed some correction, It wasnt fun…

but I was prepared to LISTEN.

I am thankful for that!! It certainly made it less painful and easy to correct and move on, since I wasn’t busy blaming, shaming, manipulating to get out of it or using excuses, reasonings and any other means to LOOK good and change the other persons view of me.

Thank you Lord for preparing me to hear what I needed because even though I didn’t want or like to hear it, I am happier and healthier with the changes than I was before :0)

 Feedback tells you where you need to work, where to give your attention. Feedback is not a sign of failure but a gift of information for an opportunity for growth.- Jeanie Marshall

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  1. You’re, right….God is usually preparing us for SOMETHING, whether we are aware of it or not. And knowing when to be quiet and just listen is often the most useful and powerful tool we can possess. I pray that I, too, will hear what He is saying to me, so that I may be equipped and ready when He calls.


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