God Speak…Me Speak…We Speak


REPOST from 2009

There have been times God has lead me to listen to another for some time and there words were relevant to my life and then I was released to move on…

There were times when God had lead me to a store and I bought these books I knew nothing about and they sat in my closet for months then they were found and read at just that right time….

Times when commercials as weird as they can be spoke directly to the study I was doing and helped me understand

Times when an email sent from a friend who woke in the night thought I should read and It helped me along this road II walk

The birds they sing ..WHAT PRAISE I HEAR!!!

My cat reminds me to rest and take time for myself…did you know they groom 5 hours a day??LOL

My dog barks at every little thing reminding me to be cautious…be on guard ….watch your heart, dont believe everything you hear!

So many things that God can Speak through….I dare not say HE CANT….Besides my Grammy would be upset…

FAMOUS WORDS: “Starla never say CANT, If I can start painting at 70, Honey you can do anything!!!

Gotta Love Her :0)

So many things are speaking to us if we are listening…hearing the message…when we are quiet and look around paying attention it is amazing what SPEAKS!!! 

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  1. Shelly says:

    I agree, Starla….He is always speaking…….I pray that I will take the time to listen, always. I remember a time when He spoke to me from my mailbox ….on a magazine cover in big bold letters! 🙂 You just never know! 🙂


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