Hidden quality

I will love all manners of men for each has qualities to be admired even though they may be hidden. – Og Mandino

In each of us are hidden qualities that those who give us love and a fair chance will help us see or at least give us some confidence to let shine. I was told once about a person that they were  – of all sorted manner – not what this other person considered interesting…and I chose to ignore that bit of opinion. I went on to find that this person was one of the most kind-hearted, giving, loving, encouraging, selfless people I know. Another said about this person that they were like an angel, one of those very rare people with a true heart of gold.

 Interesting the contrast in views about this person. I have come to the conclusion…you will mine gold if you are looking for it!!!

If your vision of others is low….Come up higher…and instead of mining for coal …go look for the Gold in others. They all have it! For we all have a spark of God within awaiting someone to see our worth and blow the breath of inspiration and help us to ignite who we are….I see this as God’s way of working through us to touch the hearts of people…let Him use you…LOVE all manner of men…even if you can’t see their admirable qualities….YOU WILL if you want too!…we arent bad people…we just at times forget to look up!!


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