Ever been paralyzed by fear of making a mistake? Someone once said to me “mistakes tell you what doesn’t work, which means you are that much closer to success!” I lost my mind for a while and let this fear gripped me for sometime, but now I have returned and I welcome mistakes because they are on the road to success. These mistakes are MY STAKES in the road that I’ve traveled. They tell me where I have been, what works and what doesn’t. Mistakes are one of the best helpers we have in learning. Lets review a couple mistakes.

One way we make a mistake is in direction…turning down the wrong road instead of the road of our intended destination. Some people call that  being “lost.” 

When I was a kid I remember driving with my Grammy, my Aunt Janice and my Mom. There where many times we would head out for a drive and us kids would say “where are we going?” and they would say with gleeful delight….”WE ARE GOING TO GET LOST!” This meant that we were on an adventure to find something new and interesting. They would say “ok…which way should we go?” and we would yell out “LEFT!” or “RIGHT!”  Some perceive getting lost as a bad thing as you can see I was trained to see the potential just around the corner.

Another way we make a mistake is to misinterpret someones meaning. Sometimes this can lead to conflict, but the hidden wonder of this mistake is it teaches us to slow down to really listen to others. It teaches us to take the time to ask questions if we don’t understand and avoid assuming that what we know is true and be able to find the real truth of what another meant.

See mistakes are not all the negative stuff we may have believed. Mistakes are a gift on our road in this life. It’s all in your perception. Life is a good and as bad as you want it to be ;0)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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