So often we ask ourselves WHY in the midst of so many different things. Why did we have the childhood we did? Why do we have times when our feelings get hurt? Why do we have to deal with people and their issues? Why? Why? Why?

Dont get caught in the why! Get caught in the Lesson!!

See what you gained from that childhood you had. Strength. ..Endurance…Courage…

See what you gained from your feelings getting hurt. Patience…Forgiveness…Compassion…

See what you gained from dealing with people and their issues. Empathy…Thankfulness…Faithfulness…

REJOICE!! Know that all the things we go through give us a hidden gift. Seek the giver of them – Christ within you – and the door to your lessons will be opened to you. Then you will know that every good gift comes from above…and all things work together for our good !!

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  1. Kelly says:

    So much easier when we simply choose to rejoice regardless the life lesson! Thanks for your wonderful insight!


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