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OH you know its not good when you find yourself in the mirror staring hard into your own eyes pressing in with flaming anger that you are not sharing yourself anymore “LISTEN TO ME DO NOT OPEN LIKE THAT ANYMORE EVERYTIME YOU TRY YOU GET STEPPED ON DON’T TELL YOUR THOUGHTS DON’T SHARE YOUR LIFE... Continue Reading →

Come and Join us today!!

Today over at Friendships of Love  we are talking about " when we hide who we are and our feelings"  I wrote a post called STUFF AND SMILE Proverbs 27:7 When you've stuffed yourself, you refuse dessert; when you're starved, you could eat a horse.  The word STUFF means to stop or cram, choke back. In... Continue Reading →

PERCEPTION blockage of wrong thinking!

FORGIVENESS For - You Give - Extend Ness - Extra Love Forgiveness is when you extend extra love to yourself by finally LETTING GO of it!!! Luk 23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Forgiveness can be difficult if you havent removed the residue of what you think someone... Continue Reading →


Ever been paralyzed by fear of making a mistake? Someone once said to me "mistakes tell you what doesn't work, which means you are that much closer to success!" I lost my mind for a while and let this fear gripped me for sometime, but now I have returned and I welcome mistakes because they are on the... Continue Reading →

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