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On your bed…

Psalm 4: 5-6 Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still. Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord. Reading my devotional today. This passage struck me as important. In the devotional it points out that the word BED is key in this passage. I usually focus on the… Continue reading On your bed…

Friendships of Love

Come and Join us today!!

Today over at Friendships of Love  we are talking about " when we hide who we are and our feelings"  I wrote a post called STUFF AND SMILE Proverbs 27:7 When you've stuffed yourself, you refuse dessert; when you're starved, you could eat a horse.  The word STUFF means to stop or cram, choke back. In… Continue reading Come and Join us today!!

Thursday Thoughts

The things we do…

Reading: Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright  Her site and to buy this book : Hello I am Back...doing my Thursday Thoughts....I find it really interesting that the chapter I am choosing to do is RIGHT WHERE I AM!! I havent read ahead in this book I am just going along...I took a… Continue reading The things we do…

My Poetry

What are WORDS???

Words are words... They spell out what you think They form a poem out of a feeling They sing to us the sweet songs we sing The words we use are powerful but that is not just all The words you use are the thoughts from in and out of mind They help us understand where… Continue reading What are WORDS???

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The Common Ground

There is a place where two people can stand. Having differing opinions. Having different understanding. Sometimes this place where two can stand takes each one on a journey within themselves to find what is most important be right in their own mind and have the other agree with them so that they feel protected and appreciated or is… Continue reading The Common Ground