Just a little update and coming series

Well this year has been A LOT! A lot of fun! A lot of work! A lot of seeking and searching. At my church, you may already know, we have a new pastor. So with new leadership comes new directives and vision. I was honored when he made me executive pastor. I also have struggled with it everyday since. I hate titles. My heart and mind struggle with owning them. I would rather just be Starla, the smiley lady at the Springs. lol

Anyway, we have been preparing for Advent and the Christmas season. My hubby has been canning and baking with all the yummy goodies that have come out of our garden. I look forward to the mid-winter canned stew being turned into pot pies and baking bread.

I also have been prepping a series called Romans: Obedience of Faith that will launch in January. Sometime mid December a reminder will come out and if you would like to dive deeper into this wonderful book – you can sign up for the blog posts to come in your email. You can follow me on social media also as I will post them and have little tidbits to share. I hope you will join me.

If you want to sign up now you can do that here: https://sunday2monday.blog/hello/


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