Psalm 134 behold,praise,change


Psalm 134:1 Behold, bless the LORD,
All you servants of the LORD,
Who by night stand in the house of the LORD!

Behold!! — look, watch, be aware.


Sometimes I wonder as I look out across the people if they can see what God is doing. I wonder if they desire to capture and make a memorial for what God has done. I worry for them that they have forgotten from where He has brought them. Are we watching? Are we looking? I see this glazed look on people. They do not seem to be moved. If their face is reflecting their hearts, they look bored, uninterested, and far away.


I heard someone once say to the question, ‘why do we have to praise God?’ that we don’t have to praise Him – we need to praise Him. When we praise God it pulls us from our self-centeredness and causes something magical to happen deep within us. Joy fills us when we give praise and credit to one who is due it and God is certainly worthy. God asks us to praise because He knows we need it. It’s good for our relationship.

So what happens when we don’t praise? What if we get really self-focused and we try to gain only praise for ourselves? YUCK! What if it causes us to become stagnant and unlovely.

Do not stand there like statues, silent and idle, but employ your hearts and tongues in singing forth the praises of the Lord.


Something beautiful happens in people who turn their faces up to the Lord with praise!

Face to face is where we change and grow.

Father, I praise you! I praise you with my whole heart. Lord, I turn my face up to you, God! I turn and I say, “I WORSHIP YOU!” I am so thankful God for the way that you move and speak in my life. I appreciate how you take the time to help me understand the world around me and the inner world of me. Jesus, thank you for carrying my sins to the cross. Thank you for finding me in the pit that I was living in and calling me away to a new place. I thank you Lord for teaching me how to be a mother and a wife. Thank you for causing me to overcome fear and follow hard after your voice. Holy Spirit thank you for convicting me and causing me to turn from my sin and run to the Father who loves me. You have brought me thought struggle, hardship, good times and bad, through floods, grief, and pain. We have walked together through so much Lord. I thank you!

Thanks for praying and listening,


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