Psalm 118-120, Trust, the Word, Lying lips

Over the weekend I read through Psalm 118 and 119.

Psalm 118:8 It is better to take refuge in the Lord thank to trust in humans.

Have you ever trusted someone and they totally destroyed that trust? Being betrayed like that is one of the greatest heartbreaks that we will endure. We want to trust. We want that tangible security but the scripture never says to put trust in another human. It says to put our trust in the Lord and calls for us to be trustworthy people. A trustworthy person is someone who is faithful. The one who is faithful in little will be faithful in much.

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm and chapter in the Bible. It is rich and full of the goodness of God’s law, word, testimonies, precepts, statutes, judgments, and commandments.

Psalm 119:1-2 Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord. Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart.

Psalm 119:89 You word, Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.

Psalm 119:114 You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.

This psalm expresses great love for the word of God. It calls for us to find the word precious and to see it as great treasure. It’s promise is when you keep the word, read it, and meditate upon it that it is able to keep you from sinning and save you from trouble.

I love how the scriptures support and stand upon one another. Psalm 120 is just a little psalm but it packs a punch of truth.

Psalm 120:2-4 Save me, Lord, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues. What will he do to you, and what more besides, you deceitful tongue? He will punish you with a warriors sharp arrow, with burning coals of the broom bush.

One of the hardest things to deal with is when someone lies about us. Lies are like termites they just eat and rot away everything good in the relationships of people. The lies we carry about God, about others, ourselves, about life, identity, purpose erode our hope and steal our joy.

Our words matter because the tongue is like a sword, it cuts deep, whether for good or for evil. What you sow it what you will reap. If you lite the world on fire with your words and those words are not truthful. You will have to deal with the consequences eventually. God’s arrows of truth will find you out and the coals of judgment will come. The tongue is so powerful it has 2 strong gates to protect it from getting out. (teeth and lips) No man can tame the tongue when angry. Even if through self control and disciple you are able to bite your tongue and keep your mouth shut, your tongue is still talking behind your teeth. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to tame it.

Father, help us to be those who are trust worthy, may we love your word that it keep our feet from walking the way of evil and keep our tongues from speaking evil of others and of you. Holy Spirit hold my tongue. Your word says that no man can tame the tongue but you, Holy Spirit, are able to hold it like a bridle in the mouth of a horse, bridle me and hold my reigns.Turn me where you desire for me to go, God. Root out any lie in me that tries to thwart your truth. Like a great exterminator, come and hunt down every lie in my soul that exalts itself against your word. Let truth reign in me. Let Christ reign in me. Save us from the mouth of the liar and bless us as we walk according to your law and seek your face.

Thanks for praying with me today!

Thanks for listening,


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