Just thinking…

I am always thinking, constantly pondering, and genuinely curious about many things. In every list, links, likes, and lalala’s post you will find things to read, ponder, listen to, songs to hear, and action points. I hope you enjoy!

Here are things I’m just thinking about:

  • GET BACK ON TRACK: If you like to read and write like me. You might also find yourself adventuring through a ton of content from all kinds of media. Then suddenly you find you’ve gone the whole day and didn’t do a thing around the house. Try Flylady Plus app. It has morning, afternoon and evening routines. Isn’t funny that 5 minute tasks can seem like a real chore! Download APPLE or GOOGLE (I put this post together in between doing tasks.. it can be done!) I have used Flylady off and on for about 10 years. It always gets me back to feeling like I can enjoy being home and have people over again!
  • PONDER: #thoughtsaboutprayer We may not know what prayer is doing in us but we can know its work is sacred and sure. By doing it, we place ourselves in the position of submission, to the will of God. We choose by it, to declare with our actions that we trust wholly in God who grants requests or saved us from them, and for that, we must give thanks. It may feel like we are wasting our time but if the truth be told, we can not see the great defeats or awe-inspiring things it is doing to our human souls. What we become is not of ourselves. It is a work of God. ( Do you struggle with prayer? I did for a long time.)
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'I finally threw in the towel, but GOD threw it back and said... "Wipe your face girl, we're almost there!" Kelly's Treehouse'

Last few months have been rough and last week I finally hit the end of my strength to keep going. Jesus is so good to us. When we have no more and just cant anymore. He does. When we fall flat on our face and to the floor with exhaustion. He picks us up and carries us. He is so good to us. Are you there yet? Frayed at the edges and ready to snap because every string in you is pulled tight? Time to take a break, get away, go to the lake, throw your phone in your purse and walk away for a few days.

Jesus said, Come to me and I will give you rest.

If coming to Jesus looks more like “getter done!” you’re not coming to Jesus. That’s something else.

Oh that just smacks my go,go,go self!

READ: I am a pretty organized person. I recently wrote about how I organize my life. It helps me to process and to hit goals and such. I don’t write it to say, “do it like me!” I share it because sometimes when we see another persons process it helps us to put our own together.

HAVE YOU HEARD: I have this statement that keeps coming back around, “Grace requires nothing of me!” Grace is something hard to accept in out work hard, hustle, kind of world. Check out this song about grace. We all need some and sometimes we don’t even know that we do. Grace will lead me home.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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