I was thinking…

I tell you what….I am always thinking, constantly pondering, and genuinely curious about many things. In every list, links, likes, and lalala’s post you will find things to read, ponder, listen to, songs to hear, and action points. I hope you enjoy!

Here are things I’m just thinking about:

  • READ: I find it interesting how intermingled control and anxiety are! We often become anxious because we think we are in control. Anxiety means to be pulled apart, drawn in opposite directions, or divided into parts. When we are anxious about tomorrow, we are being distracted from what is directly in front of us, and our attention is divided from focusing on today. Prayer focuses our attention on God and not ourselves. We can cast all our cares on Him. – Adapted from Tabletalk article – read the full article at that link

Every impulse to seize control — is the Holy Spirit’s invitation to practice self-control. Every nerve jolt to freak out, melt down, start yelling, fly into rage or panic is a divine cue to slow down, breathe deep, start praying, and lean into God. Every instinct to control something is God’s nudge to control myself. I don’t always get it right. When I don’t, I not only lose self-control: I lose influence. I lose respect. I lose dignity. When I do get it right, I gain all around. Lord, help me get a grip on myself.

Mark Buchanan
  • PONDER: If anxiety and control are so closely related. How much more is procrastination mixed up in that rats nest? What do you think? ( leave a comment – I would love to know )
  • LISTEN: I listened to this podcast as we traveled home. Derwin Gray talks to Carey Nieuwhof about building a multi-ethnic church but there is so much more in this podcast than that. Give this a listen and let the discussion enlighten you on how we can stop seeing in color and instead see ourselves as brothers and sisters in Christ and how we can start seeing from each other’s point of view.

Best Quote from that Podcast:

Our identity as followers of Jesus, regardless of your ethnicity, is not in America. America didn’t die for you on a cross. Jesus Christ died for you on a cross. Our allegiance is to Jesus, first and foremost.

Derwin Gray
  • HAVE YOU HEARD: This song by Elevations, Maverick City feat. Amanda Lindsey Cook called Before and After.
You taught my heart to beat again
When everything felt lifeless
And You lifted me up from the depths
And You gave me back my purpose

...From the ashes You make beautiful things
I know 'cause You did it in me

I value learning and growing! I hope these add value to you!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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