Psalm 100, independence, relationship, God with us


When I was a kid we moved a lot. I grew up knowing that nothing was permanent. There was always a new school, with new people, in a new city. I learned to be independent, not like never ask for help independent, but rather be OK with just being with myself independent. I liked people and I hung out with lots of them but I didn’t form deep attachments. I learned to like my own company. I can be with myself for a very long time. I don’t get bored easy or lonely quick.

My husband lived in two houses growing up. He went to school with all the same kids from elementary school through high school. He has lived in the same town his whole life. He grew up learning just because the same people are near you doesn’t mean they are with you. He learned to be independent, to do it on his own. He is a jack of all trades. He can do it with or with out your help. One way or another he will get it done.

We grew up differently but we both learned the same message: Don’t become dependent on someone else. For me, that was don’t be dependent on others to make you feel comfortable in the world. For him, that is don’t be dependent on others to get something done you want done. I think we might all grow up that way, learning different ways to be independent. The more I walk with the Lord, the more I understand, that He desires and highly prizes relationship. He just wants to be with us.

Psalm 100: 3
Know that the Lord is God.
    It is he who made us, and we are his;
    we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

In this simple verse it says, “He made us. We are His. The sheep of His pasture.” A shepherd has a unique relationship with his sheep. He is the one who leads them to safety. He is the one who tends to them when they need something. He is the one who stands between them when the enemy comes. He is always with them.

Father, I thank you and worship you. I appreciate you. You have made us. Created us in our mother’s womb and put us together just the way you desired. We belong to you, like a great shepherd you call us to come back to you and your sheep hear your voice and come running. Thank you for how you teach us, help us, love us, and keep us. You are good and your love never ends. You have been and will be forever faithful. For whatever way we’ve learned to be independent, Lord, teach us to trust and rely on you. I go it alone all the time. I try to figure it out on my own. I stew and brew on things trying to find the right answers. When you’ve been right here all along, whispering to me, “Come to me. I have all knowledge and understanding.” Lord, here I am. I repent of my independence that is devoid of the truth, that you are with me. I am not alone.

How are you independent? Where did that come from?

How does it cause you to be separate from God?

In what way does the Lord want to be with you?

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