2019 Goals

Aim and give it your best shot!

Rule #1 – If you want to accomplish anything then you have to schedule it. 

Well, are you ready? 2019 is here and it’s time to let go of what was and move forward into what will be. I left a few things undone from 2018. I left the shelf and hook I was going to put up in my bathroom after the remodel in the cabinet behind the towels. I suppose it will happen at some point. I left the 2 final posts I intended to write in the series called Rocks of Revelation undone. Most likely will not get around to doing that. Do I have some good excuses? Sure! But in the grand scheme of things – undone things allow for grace. So, I’m moving on.

I want to keep in mind that aimlessness is lifelessness, therefore, it is better to aim and give it your best shot than to live adrift. Drifting has never taken me to a place I was truly well pleased. Drifting always leads downhill or worse wherever the wind blows. If you want a life that is built on purpose, then on purpose you must aim and schedule it into your life. Work at it and work at it until you have reached the goal you had in mind.

Here are my 2019 goals:


Meal planningUse what you have and be a good steward. A few years ago I figured out how to feed my family of 4 on $50 a week. So I decided to do it again. The reason is that we need some food control. We love sweet, fried, and rich foods. So meal planning helps us to plan ahead and eat what is planned instead of living by desire and eating whatever is convenient. I will do this on Saturday’s.

Drink waterWater is life. I am a coffee drinker. I love coffee. Did I say that I love coffee? I only drink it in the morning. But the thing is I don’t drink water throughout the day.

Walk I hate exercise. I need to do it. I will find 3 times a week to walk.


Continue to pay off that debtGet out of slavery! Last year we rolled over our credit card to a no interest card. I should be able to do it within 6 months.

Buy lessOnly buy what you need. No point in buying stuff just to buy stuff after purging the house last year.


FlyladyKeep the chaos away. If you have a house out of control or if you just don’t want to feel out of sorts because your weekend turns into cleaning days. Try Flylady. Her way of getting it done is so simple and saves so much time. The combination of returning to Flylady and the space from purging is gonna make for one nice home all the time.

Social media mega batch I want to spend less time on social media. I will prepare my social media posts on Saturdays for the following week. No prep-post on Sunday’s

Do no work past 7 pmProtect family time. I am a bit of a workaholic. My brain doesn’t shut down easily. I need to get some boundaries in this area.

Well here we go! What are you aim at?

Thanks for Listening,


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  1. atiltedtiara says:

    I meal plan, too. I need to cut down on how much I spend. I buy for 3- I may have to see if I can pull off the $50/wk!


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